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Wise Union Finance - Our firm's mortgage & finance arm exists to solve the critical financing demand raised by our clients, both large and small business owners & individuals. Our unique approach is not only what differentiates us, but also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of services and solutions to help organizations facilitate loans, achieve their business borrowing, and personal property finance needs. They are 40+ banks and lenders in our supply-side, from the lowest rate or the most flexible policy taker.


Owner Occupied & Investment

At today's tighten ambiance of home loan borrowing, it's hard to chase the cheapest of everything but you may still suitable for:

  • 2.19% Special Fixed 2 years Home Loan.

  • 2.68% Special Variable Interest Only 2 years Investment Residential Loan.


  • 1 x Accountant's Letter and Self Declared Income Residential Loans, Maximum Loan Amount up to 10 million*.

  • Overseas Income Self Declared Residential Loans, Maximum Loan Amount up to 2 million*.

* LVR subject to valuation.

Modern Luxury Home
Commercial Building at Night


General Purpose Built

Commercial & Business Loans are our broker's area of expertise. Traditionally, commercial loans are hard to acquist, and the process of application can be painful to you. However, we know how to structure a deal for you with the lender and ease your risk and worries. If you plan to own or invest the:

  • Office

  • Warehouse

  • Retail Shop

  • Industrial Suite

  • and other same categorized properties

Please contact us to gain the best product and settle without hearing shock news.


The Hardest to Get

The specialized properties share the same nature; Usually, the asset generates strong cash-flow but remains a high risk of sole purpose (the zoning restrict the conversion). Therefore, few lenders are willing to fund the transaction. If you are seeking:


  • Childcare Center

  • Motel/Hotel

  • Boarding House

  • Car Park

  • Petrol Station


then, please contact us to run through a feasibility assessment to make sure your buying would be risk-free.

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Large Oil Truck


Expert Guidance

Do you know the big 4 banks are not a fan of heavy vehicle finance? Why? Because the market is an over-niche and much higher demand for expertise in the field. However, our clients came to us for truck loans many times in a year. If you are seeking finance for your vehicle, there are few tips about how the major lenders' setup the quarantine boundaries of lending; 

  • Vehicle Over 4.5 tons,

  • Vehicle Price Over 200K,

  • Vehicle Can Take More Than 9 passengers.

No matter what type of vehicle you are buying and you need finance, contact us now to make sure you won't lose your deposit!


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